Closet Organization-Steps to Get Your Closet in Shape for Spring/Summer

Today I went live on Instagram for almost 45 minutes showing you all the steps you need to take to make your closet ready for the warmer weather. And yes, I recommend this every Spring/Summer and again in prep for Fall/Winter.

Not only will it make putting together outfits so much easier, it will also help you to get your entire closet in order and is the first step in finding your authentic style. If you haven’t checked it out, go to and check it out!

Here are the steps to follow when doing a closet overhaul:

  1. Go through everything in your closet and decide if there is anything you need to get rid of. The last thing you want to do is pack away clothes you are not going to wear! Get rid of those clothes by donating them to your favorite organization (I like Matthew 25 Ministries, Dress for Success, or The Salvation Army). If you have anything to sell, you can take them to Clothes Mentor, for example.

  2. Once you get rid of the clothes you are not going to wear again and either donate or sell, now is the time to pull out all of the winter clothes and box them away. They have some really cool clothing storage boxes that you can purchase for storage. I recommend you not leave any fall/winter clothes within your current closet at it only confuses the brain and makes it more complicated for you when putting together outfits quickly. This includes winter boots and shoes.

  3. Bring all of your spring/summer clothes back into your closet from storage. Including your sandals and other fun shoes you packed away during the cold months.

  4. Now that you have everything in your closet, I like to organize in the following manner:

    • Lower half: Dress pants, Denim, skirts, dresses

    • Upper half: light blazers, light sweaters, light cardigans, button ups, dress shirts, casual shirts

    • Workout clothes

My suggestion is to organize one side of your closet for dressy clothes and the other for non-dressy. Also, I organize by sleeve type (long sleeve, short-sleeve, sleeveless, then tank) and also by color (neutrals first then group each color).

I go into all of this in great detail on my Instagram live so seriously, check it out if you want the full details of how to do this.

The reason I organize my closet in this manner is to make it easier on how the brain processes information and in the way I do it will help you to become very successful in determining your outfit for the day.

Also, during this process you will begin to learn about how your style takes shape. When people tell me they do the closet organization and overhaul, they come out refreshed and have a much better sense of their authentic style. It’s such a critical step!

So, are you ready to overhaul your closet? I know you can do and I’m here to help you if you have questions.

Check out the video at and get to it!

Have a beautiful weekend my dear~


Color Theory- Bonus Lesson

Color Theory- Bonus Lesson

Did you see my post this week on how I lost my voice?

Yes, the spring allergies got to me and I ended up with laryngitis earlier this week. It’s starting to get better but I still have not regained full speaking capacity.

I will be going live on Facebook and Instagram once I regain my normal voice so that I can tell you about the date/time and plan for closet overhaul. So stay tuned! And let me know if you have any remedies for laryngitis.

Color Theory

I wanted to spend some time diving deeper into our color theory discussion. In previous blog posts, I talked about how dressing for your skin undertone is important. It helps bring out your natural beauty and helps you look awake and refreshed. We talked about the two types of skin undertones: Cool and Warm.

You might have heard there is neutral and also skin undertone relation to seasons but these are just not accurate. A person either has cool or warm skin undertone. Dressing in cool colors closest to the face for cool skin undertone is best and dressing in warm colors closest to the face for warm skin undertone is best.

However, I want to provide some additional clarity and exceptions from this rule. So don’t worry, you are NOT limited!

Universal Colors

There are some colors from both the warm and cool sides of the color wheel that can be considered universal. These colors look nice on either skin undertone. These are also nice to consider for bridesmaids dresses for that very reason.

The universal colors are:


So feel free to add these to your wardrobe, regardless of your undertone, because you can safely wear these colors.

Universal Neutral Colors

I often get asked about the neutral colors black, white, grey, and navy (cool colors) for those who have warm undertones. People appear sad thinking they cannot wear them near their face if they have a warm undertone (a shirt, top, sweater, dress, etc.).

However, I tell them that they CAN wear these colors. I just suggest using an accessory such as a scarf, statement earrings, statement necklace, or cardigan near the face in warm tones to help bring out your undertones and maximize your beauty!

Lastly, I suggest not overdoing it with color variation. I typically tell my clients to stick to no more than 4 different color combinations when pulling together an outfit. Otherwise, you become over saturated and puzzling to the eyes. The brain starts to become confused.

I hope this provides additional clarity on color theory and coordination of what warm and cool skin undertones can wear to look your best!

If you do not know your skin undertone, I’m happy to work with you on this process. It really makes a huge difference in your overall appearance.

Have a beautiful weekend my dear!


Spring/Summer Closet Prep & Clean Up Party!

I love going through my closet and doing a full clean out and prep for the change of seasons. In order to understand your wardrobe, this is such a critical step in maximizing your style and making updates as needed. This is something I have done for years and you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your life. Less clutter and more organization is a huge part of the transformed wardrobe and effortless style we desire.

Plus, it’s also a great way to get rid of those pieces that you are no longer going to wear and donate them to a charity.

Now, if you haven’t done this before do not fret. I will be hosting a closet clean out session with you on my Facebook and Instagram pages to show you how to tackle this and the steps to take along the way. So if you are not following @storytellerstylist on social media, now is the time to do so as you will not want to miss this!

Stay tuned for the Spring/Summer closet prep & clean up party information coming soon!

Have a beautiful weekend!



Ways to add color to your wardrobe.

Last week I shared with you the new Spring/Summer Pantone Color Palette for 2019. You might be thinking, “These are great, Carrie but how do I add more color to my wardrobe.”

Great question!

This week I’m going to help you with getting out of your minimalist color wardrobe and get you jazzed about adding color. It’s important for you to venture out and experiment with this as it will really expand your wardrobe and in a beautiful way.

So how do you add more color?

1.     Start with your handbag or purse. If you start with adding color with your handbag or purse, it makes a monochromatic outfit really pop and it adds life to black. Choose a color that complements your current wardrobe so that you don’t have to change it out often but creates dept to your outfits.

2.     Add color in your accessories. I am a huge fan of colorful accessories. My go to are statement earrings. Don’t be afraid to add some color here to spruce up your look. Also, a colorful scarf or belt is also a nice way to add in some color. Be creative!

3.     Colorful shoes. Ok, so this can get a little uncomfortable for those of you who look in your closet and all you see is black, white, gray, and/or beige. But add some color to your life can go a long way. Great shoe colors are red, blush, blue, and yellow. Try it, you will get loads of complements.

4.     Get bold with colorful pants. This spring and summer is a great time to add some colorful pants to your wardrobe. You can pair them with a white or ivory shirt if you don’t want to add too much color at one time. Ok, I know baby steps. I love a good red, blush, or yellow pant. Have fun with it and watch out, it just might bring a smile to your face.

5.     Neutral dresses with colorful print. Another way to add more color is to choose a neutral base colored dress that has a colorful print. Try to stick with colors that look best with your skin undertones though.

Adding color should be fun and easy if you take it one step at a time. Try picking up a color wheel. You can find them through Amazon. They have the pocket ones that are really nice as well. Let yourself experiment with color and land on what feel authentic to you.


Spring Style Ideas and Spring Colors

Ah, yes! Spring is really almost here. I can smell it in the air, especially this week. The temperatures have gone up for us here in the Midwest and one can only hope we are out of the extreme cold spell.

This has really had me thinking a lot about this year’s Spring styles and Spring colors. I have to say, the colors this year for Spring/Summer 2019 are my most favorite yet! Of course, there are some pastels but there are way more other colors than in recent years that are not pastels, and that makes me happy!

I thought I would show you the list so you can use it when shopping for some new spring styles.

And while we are on the topic, I will share with you what we are seeing a lot of for Spring and also into Summer:

~ Dresses, dresses, and more dresses! Again, this makes me happy because I wear dresses in Spring/Summer more than any other time of the year. I am a huge fan of feminine dresses (I have shared with you my love for Gal Meets Glam) and excited to incorporate even more into my wardrobe. The style of dresses we are seeing most are a-line, wrap, and sheath. The good new about a-line is that it is flattering on all body shapes, just make sure you study the top of the dress for the right style for your shape. This is where they can differ. The wrap dress is also flattering on all body shapes but just be careful of the top of the dress as well and make sure it’s not super low-cut.

~ Wide Leg Pant is back and the styles are so flippin’ adorable! I have to say I haven’t worn this style of pant in a while but I have already purchased a couple for this Spring/Summer because the redesign of the style is supper flattering and so stylish. I am drooling over them this year!

~ Jumpsuits are also a big hit for this year. There is a jumpsuit that is flattering for all body shapes so take a look around and see what style looks best on you. I really the ones from Gal Meets Glam, JCrew, Madewell, Zara, Anthroplogie, and Nordstrom. If you haven’t worn one in a while or are not sure, ask me! I’m happy to provide my feedback and assistance.

~ Espadrilles, another favorite of mine! I remember back in the 1990s when these were so popular but they have made a fantastic comeback. Today’s espadrilles are lined with bow detail, patterns, platform, and in sneaker style. They virtually go with anything! I like the ultra feminine styles myself but check them out. I love to wear them with dresses and jumpsuits.

So there you have it! Let me know if you have questions. I hope you enjoy the spring styles and colors as much as I am. There is definitely something for everyone!

Have a beautiful weekend ladies!


Pantone Spring/Summer 2019 Color Palette

Pantone Spring/Summer 2019 Color Palette

What's Your Style Story?

If you could wave a magic wand and make your biggest styling/wardrobe challenge disappear, which challenge would you choose? What would that look like?

On the blog this week I want to hear from you and your frustrations on getting dressed everyday. Let me tell you a little story.

Years and years ago, I used to be you. I needed help. I wanted to feel better, I wanted to stop wearing the same thing over and over again (you know, that 20% of your clothes that we tend to wear while 80% stays on hangers), I wanted it to be easy for me, and I wanted to know the tips and tricks to make it happen. I was a unique dresser in High School (ok, so midi skirts and Doc Martins, yes that was me). But as I started college in a field very different from fashion (medicine to be exact and we all know scrubs are not very fashionable, but necessary). I couldn’t deny my love for style and my eagerness to learn. I knew there were a lot of things that went into it but I didn’t know what they were. And I never felt I was an artistic person (I had almost zero artistic skills and could only draw eyeballs and flowers) but I needed to explore. That’s when I decided to apply for a job in fashion retail. I studied what I could from a friend who was in fashion merchandising and landed a fun job where I worked for several years as I went to college.

Those years taught me a lot and I learned a lot about the industry. I did go on to graduate college with a B.A. in Psychology, worked in research and continued my education with two more college degrees, an M.P.H. and M. S. in Research administration. I’ve been working in medical research for the past 19 years. And while I have enjoyed working in this field, knowing that every day the research continues is another day someone could be cured of an incurable illness or their life improved by advances in medicine, I still needed to be aware of the voice in my head that was telling me I am meant to do something more.

I decided although I was helping friends and family members and referrals with their style and assisting them with styling for photos and various occasions, I knew I could do better than just relying on my experience in fashion retail and pro bono work. I decided to attend the Fashion Style Institute, working under the lovely Stylist, Gillian Amour who has worked with top notch clients (celebrity clients) and luxury fashion brands. She was a great mentor and upon completion of the program, I became a Certified Personal Stylist. I learned an exorbitant amount of information (from body shape styling to color analysis to high fashion styling to jewelry consultation) and have been applying it ever since. With my years of experience and knowledge of the industry, I launched Storyteller Stylist in January 2019 so that I could fulfill my new calling in life-to serve women who needed my help and to do it with compassion, understanding, and grace. And to watch women light up and feel amazing once they work through it with me and find their true authentic style is why I do what I do.

Now, going back to the beginning. What are your biggest challenges? Wave that magic wand and comment in the blog or email me directly what you want to disappear when it comes to your styling/wardrobe challenges. Tell me your style story. Because this is about YOU and what I can do for YOU.

Talk soon,



Week 5 of Body Shape Identification and Figure Flattery- Hourglass

A dress that accentuates the slender waist is great for the hourglass shape. The pencil skirt shows off the nice curves and the top that hits at the lower waist is especially flattering for the hourglass.

A dress that accentuates the slender waist is great for the hourglass shape. The pencil skirt shows off the nice curves and the top that hits at the lower waist is especially flattering for the hourglass.

Week 5 of Body Shape Identification and Figure Flattery- Hourglass

This week (and final week of body shapes), we will be discussing the body shape known as the Hourglass. This is the preferred body shape in fashion as we dress to strive for this shape. This goes back many years as this body shape signals fertility. Times have changed but the nice thing about this body shape is the slender waist and dressing to flatter it. For this body shape, you are naturally curvy with a defined waist, your bust and hips are close to even in size, and you may have a fuller bust, hips, and thighs. Think Sofia Vergara, Tyra Banks, and Scarlett Johansson.

Is this your body shape? If so, here are some tips on how to dress the Hourglass and show off those curves!

What the Hourglass body shape should wear:

1.       Wrap dresses look great on this body shape because of the defined waist.

2.       Tops with a v-neck and/or a boat neck.

3.       Shirts that hit at the waist and are structured.

4.       Tailored pants and jeans (think skinny pants/jeans here).

5.       High waist jeans and pants to show off your waist.

6.       Pencil Skirt looks great on this body shape (I love the Pencil Skirt on all body shapes though!).

7.       Dresses and more dresses! This shape looks great in all dress but if they are flowy, add a belt around the waist.

What the Rectangle body shape Should NOT wear:

1.       Avoid overly baggy clothes as this will only give the illusion of having no shape.

2.       Boxy shirts as they will hid your beautiful shape.

3.       Long, flowy dresses also should be avoided as they are shapeless (unless you put a belt on the waist).

4.       Avoid low rider jeans (well, I think everyone should avoid low rider jeans, again I say this).

5.       Avoid clothes that just cover up your body and look shapeless.

I hope you enjoyed the Body Shape discussions and found it helpful. Let me know if you have questions. I’m happy to assist! Have a great weekend.

Carrie Hagee,

Owner and Founder, Storyteller Stylist, LLC



Week 4 of Body Shape Identification and Figure Flattery-Rectangle

Define the waist and show off those beautify legs!

Define the waist and show off those beautify legs!

Week 4 of Body Shape Identification and Figure Flattery- Rectangle

  • This week we will be discussing the body shape known as the Rectangle shape. For this body shape, the shoulders, waist, and hips are all mostly equal in measurement. This body shape is more on the athletic side, but the waist is less defined than the hourglass body shape. Weight gain tends to be in the torso first and your buttocks is flatter than round. Think Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, and Hilary Duff.

Is this your body shape? If so, here are some tips on how to dress the Rectangle in order to create more of a silhouette to your figure.

What the Rectangle body shape should wear:

1.       Wrap dresses look great on this body shape because it creates some definition to the waist.

2.       Tops with diagonal lines work great as well.

3.       Shirts with detail but be careful not to add too much here. Stripes or some small prints are good.

4.       Where two different colors (example, black pants with red top) to create some curves.

5.       You can add a belt in the smallest part of your waist to add some definition.

6.       Skinny and/or straight leg pants and jeans are a go for this body shape.

7.       Knee length dresses are great at showing off your gorgeous legs.

What the Rectangle body shape Should NOT wear:

1.       Avoid overly baggy clothes as this will only give the illusion of having no shape.

2.       Too tight pants or jeans as this will also show a lack of curves in the body.

3.       Long, flowy dresses also should be avoided as they are shapeless.

4.       Avoid low rider jeans (well, I think everyone should avoid low rider jeans).

5.       Avoid shirts that are too boxy as they will only further hid your shape.

Remember, we want to create that imaginary hourglass shape with our clothes to balance out our body proportions in order to look and feel the best in them. This is part of the process in finding your authentic style.

Next week we will cover the final body shape know as: Hourglass. Have a great weekend!

Define the waist with the rectangle body shape helps to give it some shape.

Define the waist with the rectangle body shape helps to give it some shape.

Carrie Hagee,

Owner, Storyteller Stylist