Week 2 of Body Shape Identification and Figure Flattery- Oval (Round)

This week we will be discussing the body shape known as the Oval (Round) body shape.

For this body shape, the shoulders are narrower with fuller hips, midsection, and larger bust size. You also have beautiful, shapely legs. Think Jennifer Hudson, Oprah Winfrey, and Melissa McCarthy.

Is this your body shape? If so, here are some tips on how to dress this body shape so that you can better balance out your midsection, and untimely creating perfect harmony.

What Oval (Round) should wear:

1.       Go for V-neck and other open neck tops. They will help draw attention towards your bust and away from your midsection. Use details on clothing above the waist as well.

2.       Avoid details in clothing on the waist because this draws attention in that area and that is the area you are trying to draw attention away from.

3.       Monochromatic works well with the oval (round) body shape.

4.       Use vertical draping to create long, vertical lines and elongated appearance.

5.       Knee length dresses and skirts will show the slimmest part of legs and elongate.

What Oval (Round) Should NOT wear:

1.       Stay away skinny jeans and skinny pants as they will make your midsection appear larger. Straight leg looks great on this body type.  

2.       Body hugging dresses or shirts as this will only accentuate the area you are trying to balance.

3.       Avoid clothes that add bulk or extra fabric.

4.       Avoid large prints.

5.       I don’t like to see turtlenecks on this body shape as I feel they are not the best as they can make you appear larger than you are.

Remember, we want to create that imaginary hourglass shape with our clothes to balance out our body proportions in order to look and feel the best in them. This is part of the process in finding your authentic style.

Next week we will cover the body shape know as: Triangle. Enjoy!

Carrie Hagee,

Owner, Storyteller Stylist