Your personal style tells more about you than you may realize, it tells YOUR story. Do you know your authentic style?

Photo by: Leah Brady Photography

I know, I get it. This is a difficult question to answer. But that’s why I’m here. To help you find your true, authentic style that tells your story.

There are several pieces that need to come into play in order to make that happen though, and I will get you there! What are these pieces you ask?

I’ll break it down for you so pay attention, here we go:

  1. Your Purpose. Let’s face it. Fashion trends are fun but they are usually not for the everyday style. If your purpose is to feel comfortable in your clothes, your style, to understand what works for you, then I’m here to work with you and help you reach that personal goal. To have you wake up and embrace your closet, not dread getting dressed everyday.

  2. Your Lifestyle. We are so busy these days that spending a lot of time and effort on clothes means wearing the same outfit over and over again because well, it’s easy. But as a busy mom and business woman myself, if I can do it so can you! Now, that doesn’t mean spending hours pondering what goes with what. I will teach you how to become a master of your wardrobe.

  3. You are an individual. Yes, we are all different and that means no two wardrobes are the same (nor should they be!). No two lives, bodies, or personalities are the same either. This is why I understand how important it is to individualize each personal style and find what makes you, well, you.

  4. Your Authentic Style = Confidence. When you find your authentic style, you feel comfortable in who you are and how you represent yourself. Authenticity is one of the most attractive qualities you can have so not only will knowing your authentic style communicate to others your realness, but using fashion to express such honest quality speaks volumes without saying a word.