Best Fall Fabrics of 2019 and How to Style Them.

It’s been hot in the Midwest this week. So hot, it feels like a mid-August heatwave.

But the reality is, Fall is slated to officially begin on Monday September 23rd. Eventually, the heat will turn to cool, crisp days/nights. Knowing how to dress for the change in season can feel a little daunting when we have forgotten about our styles that we haven’t worn for several months. Not only that, needing to do a closet detox for the Fall/Winter in preparation for setting our closets for the change in season (my free closet detox guide is coming September 20th)!

When it comes to Fall styles, there really are some fabrics that are meant for this season. A few weeks back I shared with you the Pantone Fall/Winter color release for 2019-2020 and now incorporating those into the Fall fabrics and how to style them is where it all comes together.

Are you ready? Here we go:

  1. Tweed. For those who know me well, this is by far my most favorite Fall fabric. I just love how it looks, especially in blazers, skirts, and dresses. The fabric is fun, warm, and typically has a color variation that looks beautiful but not too over the top. Meaning, you can wear it with jeans and look well put together and stylish. This is a very hot fabric this year and you will see a lot of it in clothing stores and online. Tweed shoes can also look great styled with a pair of jeans.

  2. Corduroy. Oh, yes. It is making a comeback this Fall in a variety of ways. The most obvious is in pants but also in dresses, vests, skirts, and even button-downs. Find corduroy in a style that is best for your body shape. If you are not sure of your body shape, then a pair of straight leg corduroy jean will be best flattering. They have them in a variety of beautiful Fall colors. Pair with a button down, a sweater, or long-sleeve blouse.

  3. Quilted. This fabric tends to be more on the casual side of style so think vest or jacket. I find quilted fabric to be my comfort go-to as well. It pairs well with jeans and rain boots.

  4. Cashmere. I love, love, love cashmere sweaters. They are incredibly soft and wear well on all body shapes. I am a fond believer in that every woman should own at least one cashmere sweater. I also find this to be a nice material in scarfs, gloves, and sweater dresses. Pair it with jeans, a skinny pant, or a pleated skirt and ankle boots.

  5. Fleece. I put this fabric in line with quilted because they both are typically used with more casual clothing. Fleece is soft and comfortable and is typically found in jackets, vests, scarfs, and gloves. You can find fleece sweaters as well. This is great for a pumpkin patch day at that farm. Pair with jeans, pointe pants, ankle boots or your favorite sneakers.

  6. Recycled material. If you haven’t ventured into the area of recycled material, you are missing out. Not only are you giving back by helping the environment but the styles are super cute for Fall. Pick a thicker material like polyester or cotton.

These are some of my favorites in the above fabrics for Fall this year:

What is your favorite Fall fabric? Let me know by tagging @storytellerstylist on Facebook or Instagram. I also love to see your photos of your styled outfits so please share them on social media @storytellerstylist.

Have a beautiful weekend.