If You Wear Heels (or Wish You Could), You Are Going to Want to Read This!

It’s a love/hate relationship with high heels. Am I right?! But sometimes we really want to wear them as the event or the environment calls for it. I’ll admit, it’s not often that I need to wear them. However, if you work in an office setting where business clothes are required, are attending a glamorous event, or you just need extra pizzazz, heels are your go to!

OK, so no one wants their feet aching by the end of the night. Seriously! How many times do you see women losing their shoes on the dance floor at a wedding because they cannot stand to be in their heels any longer? So how do you wear heels comfortably?

Let me introduce you to two fantastic options:

  1. Inserts for heels

  2. Kitten heels

If you wear high heels and you have not tried the Vivian Lou inserts for high heels, you are missing out big-time. Not only do these inserts stop high heel pain, Vivian Lou weight-shifting insoles ever-so-slightly rotate the heel bone up and back allowing for a more equal distribution of weight between the forefoot and heel. They also stop the feet from slipping forward in shoes. I’m serious, they are like magic!

I’m not endorsing this product based on me making money off of it. I am not an affiliate. I’m just a Personal Stylist who has found a fantastic product that I wanted to share with you all so that you can also wear high heels without pain and discomfort.

If you want to check it out, their website is: https://www.vivianlou.com.

Another option is to wear kitten heels. These are also a favorite of mine. Not only are they very stylish, but if you are looking to still wear heels but with a much lower heel height, then the kitten heel is for you! I’m providing some of my favorite kitten heels for you as well:

Yes! Now you can wear heels without issues and you are free to dance the night away. Be sure to share with me on social media on Facebook and Instagram @storytellerstylist pictures of you enjoying heels again.

Until next week. Have a wonderful weekend.