How to Look Slimmer in Your Clothes Using Prints and Patterns.

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel larger in some clothes as opposed to others? Well, it isn’t just about the fit, the style, and your body shape. Although, that is a major factor. It also has a lot to do with the type of print or pattern, size of print or pattern, and color contrast you are wearing.

In general, large prints and patterns and horizontal stripes will increase volume while small prints and patterns and vertical stripes decrease volume. This can mean the difference of looking several pounds heavier than you are or several pounds lighter than you are.

So how do you determine the best ways you should wear prints when you don’t just want stick with one style of print? I’ll demonstrate for you!

If you have a triangle body shape (your hips measure wider than your bust), then you want to focus your larger pattern on the top, not the bottom. However, if you wish to wear a pattern on the bottom you certainly can. Just keep it small, for example small polka dots. You can balance your body with a brighter, larger print top, horizontal striped shirt, and solid color pants. This will draw attention up instead of on the lower half that is larger and will creating a slimming effect.

On the flip side of that, if you are an inverted triangle then you would reverse the plan for the triangle shape. Meaning, you would want to wear smaller print on top or solid color on top and larger print on bottom.

If you are on the petite and shorter side, large prints can overwhelm your proportions and body shape. It is best to stick with smaller patterns and prints. Try vertical stripes to elongate the body and incorporate accessories that have prints and patterns. Dresses are nice but keeping the pattern or print small is best.

I also want to mention contrast here. Your patterns and prints are going to be high, medium, or low contrast. The higher the contrast, the more likely the print is going to make you appear larger. But this is OK if you are placing these types of prints in the correct places for your body. Wearing prints on an area you wish to minimize should be small print, low contrast as much as possible.

Try it, take a picture, and see what you think.

I hope this helps you with styling prints and patterns!

Have a beautiful weekend,


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