Why a Mid-Year Selfie Challenge Can Change How You Feel About Your Wardrobe

It’s hard to believe that mid-July is a few days away! Before you know it, kids will be back in school and parents will be enjoying life again. OK, so I’m totally joking about that last comment.

We spend so much time focusing on the beginning of the year that we often neglect the second half of the year, thinking that we will just start fresh in the “New Year.” But what if we shifted our mentality and started embracing the remainder of 2019? Imagine how much more we could accomplish and how much better we would feel?

I want to help you with one aspect of this shift in mindset: how you feel about your wardrobe. I want you to take a 7-day selfie challenge where you focus each day performing the following tasks:

  1. Organize your closet already! No, seriously. How many times have I said this is critical to making your life easier.

  2. Style an outfit together that you have never worn together, ever.

  3. Try and mix stripes with other prints. This is easy if you keep the color family the same.

  4. Wear a typical outfit, take a selfie and then wear that outfit you have never worn together and take another selfie.

  5. Mix and match colors that you haven’t experimented with before.

Take a selfie for the next 7 days and tag @storytellerstylist on Instagram and/or Facebook. Experiment with how you look and feel in different outfits. Try adding belts, be creative. This is your chance to focus on how you change your wardrobe and stop living in the style rut you have been in for years. Reconnect with yourself and report back to me how you did.

Focus the second half of the year by not quitting on yourself until January hits, but use this time to get where you want to be. Have fun with it, enjoy the learning that comes with it, and stay motivated! You can totally do it. I’m always here to help and I’m your biggest cheerleader.

Will you take the challenge?