Packing for Vacation-My 5 Step Proven System to Get You on Your Way!

It’s vacation season and that means beach trips, the mountains, international exploration, or maybe even Disney might be on your travel plans.

To some, that dreaded time comes when you have to pack. “But what in the world am I going to pack? I hate packing. I never pack the right clothes!” Sound familiar?

Well don’t fret. This is a time to enjoy and sit back and take it all in. It’s your time to step away from your day-to-day life, away from work, and just enjoy time doing what you want. If you are like me, I absolutely love going on vacation with my family. We take multiple vacations each year because I love to spend time not thinking about other things and just focusing on having a good time with them. Of course, they are kids so we have our ups and downs but it’s so worth it and I love every minute of it.

Over the years I have developed a process for packing that has really made it easy for me. I even apply the process for packing for my kids as well. I wanted to share it with you in hopes that it will provide you the same ease and fun it has for me.

My 5-Step Proven System to Packing for Vacation to Get You on Your Way!

  1. Consider How Many Days You Will Be Away- The first thing I do is consider the number of days I will be away from home and add 3 to it. For example, if I will be away 7 days, I pack 10 outfits. This is because I might change my mind about an outfit and decide not to wear it so I have a backup.

  2. Coordinate What You Pack-For the outfits I pack, I make sure I can mix and match with everything in my bag. This means that if you change your mind about a certain outfit, it’s ok because you can wear it with a different piece. I tend to pack a lot of dresses if I’m going to the beach or a warm place so I make sure my shoes I pack match all of my dresses as well. I also apply this principle with my jewelry and actually take only a few pieces that go with everything.

  3. Undergarments Should be Neutral- Stick with neutral color undergarments (beige, black, grey, or even blush is ok). I know this might seem boring but trust me on this, you want to ensure you can wear them with all of your outfits and not have to worry about them showing underneath. And you will not have to think about it too much. Also consider a convertible bra that converts to strapless, halter, and regular so you can pack less.

  4. Check the Weather and Consider the Location- Be sure you are well aware of the weather forecast and your planned activities. For example, if you are going to do some walking you want to be sure you have comfortable shoes. If going to the beach, you want to ensure you have swimsuits, a cover up, sun hat, etc.

  5. Lay it All Out First and Organize-Before I actually pack my outfits in my suitcase, I lay it all out first to evaluate and see if there is anything I want to change. Also to make sure my outfits do mix and match easily. I put my jewelry in a travel jewelry bag (zip-lock bags also work), I place my shoes in the zipped compartment of my suitcase in a shoe bag, and my undergarments and swimwear underneath my outfits. I fold them up nice and neatly and add my makeup and toiletries bag on the side. And you are finished!

This system has been critical to me, especially when I have had to pack last minute for myself and my family. I actually enjoy packing now and have eliminated the stress and drama.

I hope your travels take you exactly where you want to go! Enjoy every minute.