How to Dress Stripes!

Happy Friday! Did you know today is National Stripes Day? Yes, it’s a thing. Well, for J.Crew and fellow lovers of J.Crew clothing line anyway.

So in celebration, I thought I would provide some great ways to style stripes, with other patterns and prints. Because news flash, stripes go with everything! Now, you want to ensure the colors are complementary of course, but I’ll demonstrate what I mean.

  1. Mix stripes with floral prints. This is one of my favorite ways to dress up stripes. Wear a dress with stripes and put on a floral sandal or espadrille.

  2. Wear horizontal stripes on top and vertical stripes on bottom. I especially like this with a shirt and skirt. So cute!

  3. Wear a striped shirt, jeans, and pair with polka dot shoes or vis versa (polka dot shirt and striped shoes).

  4. If you are heavier on the bottom, try wearing vertical stripes on the bottom.

  5. Mix stripes with a different print that are the same color (or, two different colors).

  6. Let your stripes be the dominate print and the other print an accent.

  7. Think of stripes as neutral, don’t think of it as a another print and that will help you with your selection.

And because this is J.Crew’s National Holiday, I thought it would only be fitting to provide some of my favorite examples from their website:

Try this and see what you think about mixing stripes with various other prints and patterns. Not only will it expand your wardrobe, you will be uber stylish and another step closer to your authentic style!

Have a great weekend,