Styling Your Wardrobe Staples


Everyone has a staple piece (or two or three) in their wardrobe. You know, that go to piece when you can’t find anything else to wear, you don’t feel like searching, or you are pressed for time and haven’t figured out how to style in a hurry.

Or, it’s that piece that’s super comfortable that you want to wear it all the time.

I have a few staple wardrobe pieces: a cashmere pink sweater, straight leg jeans, and my sparkly sneakers.

It’s ok to have these comfort pieces but make sure when you wear them that you are mixing them with a least one different piece of clothing than the last time you wore it.

Why is that important? It brings new outfits into your wardrobe a styling rut.

If you are constantly styling them the same way each time, you are not teaching yourself to think outside the box nor are you getting any closer to finding your authentic style.

So next time you reach for that staple wardrobe piece, also reach for something completely different from your closet than you are routinely used to and see how you feel.

Have a beautiful weekend,