Color Theory- Bonus Lesson

Color Theory- Bonus Lesson

Did you see my post this week on how I lost my voice?

Yes, the spring allergies got to me and I ended up with laryngitis earlier this week. It’s starting to get better but I still have not regained full speaking capacity.

I will be going live on Facebook and Instagram once I regain my normal voice so that I can tell you about the date/time and plan for closet overhaul. So stay tuned! And let me know if you have any remedies for laryngitis.

Color Theory

I wanted to spend some time diving deeper into our color theory discussion. In previous blog posts, I talked about how dressing for your skin undertone is important. It helps bring out your natural beauty and helps you look awake and refreshed. We talked about the two types of skin undertones: Cool and Warm.

You might have heard there is neutral and also skin undertone relation to seasons but these are just not accurate. A person either has cool or warm skin undertone. Dressing in cool colors closest to the face for cool skin undertone is best and dressing in warm colors closest to the face for warm skin undertone is best.

However, I want to provide some additional clarity and exceptions from this rule. So don’t worry, you are NOT limited!

Universal Colors

There are some colors from both the warm and cool sides of the color wheel that can be considered universal. These colors look nice on either skin undertone. These are also nice to consider for bridesmaids dresses for that very reason.

The universal colors are:


So feel free to add these to your wardrobe, regardless of your undertone, because you can safely wear these colors.

Universal Neutral Colors

I often get asked about the neutral colors black, white, grey, and navy (cool colors) for those who have warm undertones. People appear sad thinking they cannot wear them near their face if they have a warm undertone (a shirt, top, sweater, dress, etc.).

However, I tell them that they CAN wear these colors. I just suggest using an accessory such as a scarf, statement earrings, statement necklace, or cardigan near the face in warm tones to help bring out your undertones and maximize your beauty!

Lastly, I suggest not overdoing it with color variation. I typically tell my clients to stick to no more than 4 different color combinations when pulling together an outfit. Otherwise, you become over saturated and puzzling to the eyes. The brain starts to become confused.

I hope this provides additional clarity on color theory and coordination of what warm and cool skin undertones can wear to look your best!

If you do not know your skin undertone, I’m happy to work with you on this process. It really makes a huge difference in your overall appearance.

Have a beautiful weekend my dear!