New Styling Package for Business Women

Happy Good Friday! It’s Easter weekend and my family enjoys spending time reflecting on the nature of the season and the good news it brings. My girls, of course, really also enjoy a visit from the Easter bunny and Easter egg hunts. My 5 year old is super competitive when it comes to Easter egg hunting, no joke! She doesn’t mess around when no the quest for finding eggs.

With the excitement of the warmer weather and our recent closet clean out last week in prep for the new season, I have decided to offer a new styling package specifically for business women.

The styling package will be much smaller in scale from my other packages, focusing only on business and working style. I hear a lot from who have lost weight or their body shape changed and they are trying to figure out their work style again. This is a great new styling package to benefit working women who need a refresh and working moms who need an easy yet stylish business wardrobe.

If this is something that would benefit you or you would be interested in, check it out! It will be available starting Monday April 22, 2019 on my website.

I hope you have a great weekend with your family and/or friends. And don’t forget to eat a little bit of chocolate.

With Sincerity,