Ways to add color to your wardrobe.

Last week I shared with you the new Spring/Summer Pantone Color Palette for 2019. You might be thinking, “These are great, Carrie but how do I add more color to my wardrobe.”

Great question!

This week I’m going to help you with getting out of your minimalist color wardrobe and get you jazzed about adding color. It’s important for you to venture out and experiment with this as it will really expand your wardrobe and in a beautiful way.

So how do you add more color?

1.     Start with your handbag or purse. If you start with adding color with your handbag or purse, it makes a monochromatic outfit really pop and it adds life to black. Choose a color that complements your current wardrobe so that you don’t have to change it out often but creates dept to your outfits.

2.     Add color in your accessories. I am a huge fan of colorful accessories. My go to are statement earrings. Don’t be afraid to add some color here to spruce up your look. Also, a colorful scarf or belt is also a nice way to add in some color. Be creative!

3.     Colorful shoes. Ok, so this can get a little uncomfortable for those of you who look in your closet and all you see is black, white, gray, and/or beige. But add some color to your life can go a long way. Great shoe colors are red, blush, blue, and yellow. Try it, you will get loads of complements.

4.     Get bold with colorful pants. This spring and summer is a great time to add some colorful pants to your wardrobe. You can pair them with a white or ivory shirt if you don’t want to add too much color at one time. Ok, I know baby steps. I love a good red, blush, or yellow pant. Have fun with it and watch out, it just might bring a smile to your face.

5.     Neutral dresses with colorful print. Another way to add more color is to choose a neutral base colored dress that has a colorful print. Try to stick with colors that look best with your skin undertones though.

Adding color should be fun and easy if you take it one step at a time. Try picking up a color wheel. You can find them through Amazon. They have the pocket ones that are really nice as well. Let yourself experiment with color and land on what feel authentic to you.