Need New Undergarments? I Break Down My Favorites and Why VS Didn't Make the List.

When was the last time you purchased new undergarments? Last week? last month? Several years ago?

When performing my Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer closet detox, I include a review of my undergarments in this mix. Last year I disposed of SEVERAL that either did not fit, were worn out, or just did not match my lifestyle.

And by undergarments, I am talking about underwear, bras, lingerie, corsets, socks, and pantyhose/tights.

With the emergence of small businesses, there is a increase in more personal selections and offerings. And I have to say, I love it!

I wanted to break down my favorite places to shop for undergarments if you are in the market or just want to freshen up your selections:

  1. Soma: If you are looking for stay-in-place bikinis, this is the place to find them. Sometimes under dresses, you just want a bikini that stays in place because you might feel too “exposed” wearing a thong. And that makes sense! I love their vanishing edge technology and stay in place silicone. You will not have a line that shows, nor will they ride up all day.

  2. PrimaDonna: If you are looking for a full-coverage bra for larger bust sizes, then the Deauville full cup bra is rated way up there in support, comfort, and style.

  3. Leia: For plus size bras, Leia countour plus bra is a must! It’s not just functional like some other plus size bras, but it’s also beautiful.

  4. Wacoal: Looking for a strapless bra that doesn’t slide down halfway through the night? Try their Red Carpet Convertible Strapless Bra. I have these in several different colors I love them so much! They offer great support as well.

  5. Hanky Panky: For some great lace thongs, I love the ones by this brand. They are smooth and comfortable and can be worn well with pants and jeans. They also come in a variety of colors and prints.

  6. Oh La La Cheri: Getting married? I love their Scarlet Eyelash lace Teddy! It’s perfect for a special occasion.

  7. Lively: If you are someone who likes to wear a bra at night, their lace straight up bralette does the trick. It’s comfortable enough for sleeping yet also offers some support.

  8. DKNY: If you are looking for some seriously awesome pantyhose and tights, they have your back… I mean, legs! A variety of colors and styles, comfortable, and very stylish. They also stay in place so no adjusting required.

  9. Bombas: For no-show socks, hands down I love theirs the most. No slipping off of the back of your heel and comfortable in sneakers and even ankle boots.

  10. Madewell: For socks that work great with high boots, try their ribbed everyday socks.

You are probably wondering why I didn’t choose anything from Victoria’s Secret. Yes, they have been around for a while, but to be honest, they lost me with their whole “juicy” (and other butt wording) sweatpants line. I also found that I wore an entire size bigger in their bras than I did in other brands, leaving me to wonder if they made them smaller to make women feel like their chest was larger. I didn’t like that. Of course, I can’t be 100% sure on that. It has just been my experience. And with the number of awesome brands out there, they just don’t fit into my style these days.

So is it time for an undergarment makeover?

Have a great weekend.