Fall Fashion Tips- 5 Ways to Maximize Your Wardrobe

Can I share a little secret with you?

Fall is such a fantastic time to get in tune with your wardrobe. Not only because you are overhauling your closet (you picked up your closet detox guide, right)? But because of the colors, prints, and the versatility of the season.

And trust me when I say this. It isn’t all about wearing the color orange, my friend.

Today I’m giving you 5 ways to maximize your fall wardrobe that is easy and fun:

  1. It’s all about the bootie- NO! Not THAT bootie, geesh! Ha, just kidding. The ankle boot is by far my most favorite boot because you can style it so many ways. Pair it with a fun dress, jeans, or skirt. You really cannot go wrong. A close second is the calf lace-up boot. Looks great with a maxi or midi dress. When it turns really cold, you can add some tights.

  2. Play up the beautiful color palette-But know what colors look best on you. There are so many colors beautiful fall colors so try to add them to your outfits and break free of the constant need to wear black and/or grey all the time. Yes, I’m talking to you! Depending on your undertone (warm or cool) try to wear colors in the warm family closest to your face if you have a warm undertone and cool colors closest to your face if you have a cool undertone. Don’t know your undertone? Send me an email.

  3. Throw on a scarf- Fall is the perfect time to use scarfs as an additional element to your outfit. I also love mixing prints so don’t obsess about this with printed scarfs. Check out my blog from October 10th on how to mix prints.

  4. Layering- Because it can be cold in the morning and warmer during the day, be sure to layer so that you can adjust as needed. For example, throw on a jean jacket or blazer that can be removed later and still have a stylish outfit underneath.

  5. Remember to change up your nail polish if you wear it-Jewel tone and earth tone nail polish looks much nicer in the fall than the bright colors of summer. Remembering to change up your nail polish can elevate your look to the next level. Just think, you don’t want fuchsia pink nails against a burgundy sweater. Blah. However, a soft pink looks beautiful with burgundy! I’m more of a neutral girl when it comes to nail polish. I guess Katie Middleton and I have something in common!

I also wanted to share some of my favorite items for fall just in case any of these are on your shopping list:

So how are you styling your fall wardrobe? I would love to see so tag me @storytellerstylist on social media. PS- I’m also going to be announcing some new things coming next week so stay tuned. I cannot wait to share it with you!

Have a beautiful weekend.