Week 1 of Body Shape Identification and Figure Flattery-The Inverted Triangle

Week 1 of Body Shape Identification and Figure Flattery- The Inverted Triangle

This week we will be discussing the body shape known as the: Inverted Triangle. See, I promised I wasn’t going to refer to your body shape as a fruit!

The inverted triangle looks just like it sounds. For this body shape, the shoulders are wider than the hips with amble bust and a wider upper back. Your bottom is typically flatter with a narrower waist and hips in comparison to your upper body. Think Renee Zellweger, Demi Moore, and Angelina Jolie.

Is this your body shape? If so, here are some tips on how to dress this body shape so that you can better balance out your lower half with your upper half, and untimely creating perfect harmony.

What Inverted Triangle should wear:

1.  Go for V-neck and other open neck tops. They will help elongate the upper body and draw the eyes inward and away from the shoulders.

2.  As far as pants go, because your bottom half is smaller in proportion to your upper half, create some density here with a boot-cut jean or an A-line skirt.

3.  Cinching the waist is also recommended as it creates a balance with your upper and lower half for this body shape.

What Inverted Triangles Should NOT wear:

1.  Stay away from cap sleeve shirts as they will make your shoulders appear even bigger and draw attention to them.

2.  Leggings and pencil skirts will draw attention to your smaller lower body and make your upper body appear even larger and more out of proportion.

3.  Avoid baggy shirts that will only make your legs and bottom appear even smaller and your upper body even larger.

Remember, we want to create that imaginary hourglass shape with our clothes to balance out our body proportions in order to look and feel the best in them. This is part of the process in finding your authentic style.

Next week we will cover the body shape know as: Round. Bye for now!