Let's talk ankle boots on this Fashion Tips Friday!


This week on my Instagram page (@storytellerstylist)I talked about how to wear ankle boots. I even went live because this appears to be a topic a lot of women struggle with.

When it comes to ankle boots, the question I get most often is to tuck or not to tuck? Here is my take on this and some fun ways to style your pants with your ankle boots.

I am not a fan of the tuck. Nope, I just don’t do it. It can make your legs look boxy because there is no break in the line of the leg at the ankle. It also makes your jeans look too long for you.

So what are your options?

  1. Cuff your jeans so that just a little skin shows above your boot. This actually creates a long, lean line. This is my favorite way to wear them.

  2. Cropped jeans work great here too, skinny or wide leg both work.

  3. If you don’t want to cuff them, buy jeans and pants with the length so that it hits above your boot. Or you can hem them to make them shorter.

  4. A frayed hem looks nice with ankle boots but again, keep the bottom of the jean above the boot, not tucked in the boot.

  5. A messy cuff can also look great with ankle boots.

And while we are on the topic of ankle boots, pair them with dresses and skirts too! Just be sure to not show your socks above your boots (unless you have some really awesome stylish socks that showing them would make the outfit look better) if you are not wearing tights.

Have a great weekend!

Carrie Hagee

Owner, Storyteller Stylist, LLC