Virtual Styling Package VIP- Styling Review and Closet Overhauling


Virtual Styling Package VIP- Styling Review and Closet Overhauling


Deep dive into your closet. I promise you will not drown.

1. 1 hour initial phone call.  We first need to chat so I can learn about what is ailing you about your style, your current wardrobe, what you want to change, and how we can find your authentic style, the style that tells your story.

I will send forms that you will need to complete after the call to also help me learn more about you and your wardrobe needs. The more I know the better!

I will also give you a homework assignment on reorganizing your closet and provide instruction on how to best achieve what you are missing in your stylish life.

2. Closet Deep Dive. We will take a look at your closet pieces that are causing you trouble and determine ways you can style them within your wardrobe or if they need to go. We will spend 2 hours in this process.

2. Mood Board made just for you! This is getting exciting! I will provide to you your unique mood board made only for you based on our first meeting and completed forms. We will review these styles in a 30 minute phone call. Feel free to ask questions and provide feedback during this call.

This will also include you to work with clothes within your current wardrobe in the hopes of only needing to purchase some key pieces you may not own yet.

3. Shop for selected styles. You will then be able to shop for the staple pieces provided to you after our second phone call. You can purchase them as you wish, but let me know when you complete this step. It will be fun to venture out and start to see your authentic style take shape! I mean, who doesn’t love shopping, right?

4. Final follow-up call. Once you complete your shopping of the staple pieces, I’ll set a video call with you to review them and how to style them with what is already in your closet. This will set the stage for you to become versed at preparing your own day-to-day styling and gain your authentic style. So liberating!

5. Provide feedback for another 30 days. I want to provide some additional assistance to my clients by providing styling feedback for another 30 days post your final follow-up call. This is so you can be confident that you are staying the course and continuing the path that is your authentic style. I want to ensure you are confident, owning it, and absorbing everything you have learned.

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