Hey there! I’m Carrie Hagee, Certified Personal Stylist, owner and creator of Storyteller Stylist

I have always had an appreciation for the fashion industry. I worked in fashion retail during my college years. It was so much fun styling women when they would come into the store. Showing them the latest styles, what looked best on them and helping them find the best version of themselves. I would research the latest fashions and would style my friends, family, and referrals from family and friends too. I used to make my own mood boards with cutouts from fashion magazines for inspiration.

Photo by: Leah Brady Photography; Makeup by: Cinci Makeup

Photo by: Leah Brady Photography; Makeup by: Cinci Makeup

Personal Styling has been a passion of mine since my younger days. I feel it’s something I have always had a natural talent for. I know Personal Styling is just something I am meant to do!

As far as experience goes, I have years under my belt but I wanted to learn more on a professional level. I attended the Fashion Stylist Institute (FSI) where I was mentored by Gillian Armour, a well known icon in the fashion industry who as a stylist has completed successful projects in Hollywood, Paris, Amsterdam and London with celebrity clients and luxury fashion brands.

My certification also includes Professional Wardrobe/Closet Edits, Principles And Elements Of Clothing Design And Coordination, Color Analysis Testing, Skin Undertone Analysis, Photo Shoot Styling, Wardrobe Styling, Line Rack Organization, and Jewelry and Accessory Styling.

I wanted to ensure I was gaining the most experience as I could and not just relying on my personal styling experience. It’s important to me that my clients feel they are getting the best service and support for their money. I value what you are putting into hiring me as your personal stylist as much as you do! I want you to walk away with the feeling of success and that the experience was totally worth it!

What also makes Storyteller Stylist, LLC unique is the offering of virtual styling. Most people do not know they can be styled virtually and it is so much fun and convenient! I cannot wait to work with you!

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